Cost and performance optimised backlighting for indoor and outdoor use


Design LED’s award-winning solutions offer designers, architects and artists, the opportunity to create ultra-thin, flexible backlighting. The Light Tiles can be easily integrated into walls, ceilings and different types of furniture. Doing so will enhance the visual impact of architectural or retail applications producing edge to edge, homogeneous luminous surfaces. It’s now possible to have single or double-sided illumination from a single Light Tile.

‘Morar’ is a backlighting module engineered for cost and power savings. Its ability to be installed indoors and outdoors offers integration in applications such as ambient illumination, material backlighting, façade decoration, branding and public art.

Why Morar

  • Energy efficient, edge to edge uniform backlighting for mounting depths between 30 - 65mm
  • On site customisation allows cut to fit in challenging installations, ensuring seamless integration
  • Indoor or outdoor use via IDC plug & play water resistant connector (IP67)
  • Modular design allows simple and quick installation with standard mountings / fixings

  • No complex additional accessories required
  • Flexible & thin profile allows curved or complex shapes
  • Cost optimised design, with low energy consumption and maintenance
  • Compatible with all 24V DC standard power supplies, including dimmable
More information


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Total customisation

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