LED Light Tiles that enable design freedom in everyday applications

Thin. Efficient. Beam angle control. Flexible. Uniform. Low weight.

Key features


  • 90% optical efficiency
  • Integrated optical system
  • Variable beam angle profiles
  • Scalable brightness – 50 to 10,000 cd/m2
  • Single, or configurable double sided light output


  • Low power consumption
  • Custom LED chain design options
  • Colour temperature range, from warm to cool white (2,700K - 7,000K)
  • Spatial dimming capability
  • Power consumption, 25 W - 100 W/m2


  • Ultra thin
  • Mechanically formable
  • Standard light tile size 300 x 400mm
  • Custom sizes, up to 600mm
  • Multiple light tiles can be seamlessly joined together for larger area illumination

Deployment and installation

  • No Heat sink required
  • No acrylic, no material yellowing or colour degradation
  • Low profile, easily surface mounted to walls ceilings or other architectural surfaces
  • Multiple mechanical fixing options
  • Light weight – 2.5kg per m2
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Intellectual Property

At the core of Design LED's technology is the integration of low profile Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), clear optical resins and optical films into a high efficiency light tile. International Patents are granted covering this intellectual property.