Supporting flat or curved, cost optimised, low density backlighting applications

Product Benefits
Lomond close up

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Mechanically flexible
  • High quality uniformity
  • Up to 6 cutting options, allowing multiple formats from a 300 x 400 mm standard tile

  • Single-sided and double-sided backlighting
  • Smart control options available
  • Scalable for large area backlighting
Product Revision
Lomond curved

A2 configuration:

  • Optimised homogeneity

  • Borderless backlighting

  • Asymmetrical design

A1 configuration: 

  • Higher number of cutting options than A2
  • Symmetrical design
Multi-cutting Options
Lomond cutting option

  • Modules can be tiled in a zero-width boarder arrangement for large area illumination
  • LED modules can be trimmed by multiples of the LED chains

    • The process of trimming and tiling supports backlighting of almost any form factor
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