The world's thinnest shelf luminaire at only 6 mm*

Product Benefits
Edinburgh 1
  • Unique design factor
  • Integrated optics
  • High quality product illumination

  • No glare
  •  No multi-shadow artefacts
  • Robust & easy to install in length up to 10 m
  • Smart control options available
Areas of Application
Edinburgh Application

  • Undercabinet lighting
  • Professional kitchen
  • Workbenches


  • Showcases
  • Displays
  • Sales counters

The Edinburgh product can be connected sequentially, and a maximum of 20 luminaries may be driven from a single recommended ECG.

Each LED module has supporting endcaps, providing power, an electrical interface or finishing to the sequence of luminaries.

The power inlet module has a capacitive switch option with ON/OFF and 3 stage dimming.

Additional cable interconnects provide the capability to “daisy chain” luminaires around shelf mounting brackets and other obstructions.

More information


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Total Customisation

available on demand

* with the integrated optics in Design LED Products' patented technology