Introducing complete application oriented

lighting solutions

LED Modules, Accessories, Drivers and Controls

Backlighting LED Modules

Ness Outdoor 

Light it up. Even where it's wet and dirty.

  • Homogeneous backlighting
  • For Indoor and Outdoor 
  •  Perfect for single and double-sided backlighting here


Flexible efficiency.

  • Cost and power sayings
  • Water resistant 
  • Easy and quick installation


 Don’t make it flat. Make it curved. 

  • Endless design options 
  •  Flexible profile 
  •  For scale installations


Super-Slim. Bendable. 

  • Multi cutting options 
  •  Low energy consumption 
  •  Unlimited design possibilities
Directional Lighting LED Modules


Elegant illumination of your elegant products

  • Elegant & robust design
  • High quality product illumination
  • Simple installation


Invisible, flexible efficiency.

  • Integration in furniture possible
  • Total design freedom
  • No glare or shadowing


Add high quality system components to ensure quick and simple installations.

  • For backlighting
  • and directional lighting

Drivers and Controls

Offering a comprehensive range of LED drivers and light management systems. 

  • For Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Dimmable and Non-dimmable
  • Available in various power outputs


Don't see what you need? 

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