Outstanding signage is about selling high quality advertising and reducing costs

Our LED Light Tiles deliver a bright, uniform, flexible, innovative and versatile advertising platform

A thin advertising sign

LED light tiles give you...

  • Uniform illumination 
  • No stripes or spotting
  • Thin, formable, very low weight signage panels
  • Low power consumption
  • Qualified LEDs and no acrylic material

Curved signage

Which means...

  • Perfect illumination of large areas of white advertising
  • Higher impact & impression ratios
  • Curved or circular displays are possible
  • Less electricity, less heat
  • Staying brighter for longer with no yellowing
Signs going up stairs

Allowing you to...

  • Convert more prospects to customers
  • Sell advertising space at premium prices
  • Create products for untapped markets
  • Reduce running costs
  • Maximse through life revenue
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Success through impact 

Success in the signage industry is achieved through combining great technology with creative ideas. New technologies provide the catalyst to unlock product concepts that can’t be achieved by what’s currently on the market. 

Take your pick of the unique aspects of our LED Light Tiles, add some creative ideas and share in our success.


Want more information? Watch our video resources, and contact Design LED for datasheets, evaluation samples and to discuss your application requirements.

Signage application video