Innovative lighting for visual merchandising

Optimise your retail space for maximum revenue with our complete application oriented lighting solutions

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LED light tiles give you...

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Ability to adapt to a vast range of shapes
  • Integrated optics
  • World class efficacy
  • Integrated solutions
  • Quick and simple installation

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Which means...

  • Enabling virtually invisible light
  • Ensuring perfectly illuminated products with no glare
  • Delivering light output where it’s needed
  • Creating unlimited design opportunities

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Allowing you to...

  • Present merchandise in a new light
  • Maximise retail space
  • Sell at a higher profit Increase your sales
  • Defy convention

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The Art of Elegance

Inspired as much by traditional craftsmanship as by top-notch engineering, we turn any shelf into a one of a kind personal visual merchandising experience. We invite you to draw inspiration and imagine your retail space in a new light.


Want more information? Watch our video resources, and contact Design LED for datasheets, evaluation samples and to discuss your application requirements. 

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