Shelf Lighting

The world’s thinnest shelf lighting solutions*

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Credit: Fotostudio Wiessler

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The supremely thin Shelf Product range delivers very high quality product illumination, with no shadowing, from an efficient and super-slim lighting system. We believe this portfolio represents the world’s thinnest shelf lighting solutions, delivered in two options as either a high quality luminaire or cost optimised tile for superb integration.

These products are named after our beautiful Scottish Castles in luminaire format, and Scottish Rivers in cost optimised format. 

Edinburgh Castle is amongst the most compact, beautiful and enduring of any in Europe, and it is a fitting name for our premier shelf luminaire, Edinburgh, with its elegant and robust enclosure design. 

Clyde, our cost optimised shelf product is named after one of Scotland’s most famous rivers – long, winding and integrated into the very fabric of the hard working community in Western Scotland.

In addition to their amazing form factor and design, each of these products are highly customisable in size, shape, output and, importantly, beam angle distribution, which is a key feature of the integrated optics utilised in Design LED technology.

* with the integrated optics in Design LED Products' patented technology

Shelf Products
Edinburgh 1


Clyde Beam Angle


Key Benefits

Simple Installation

Edinburgh features simple installation and maintenance thanks to its fit and lock interconnect system. In a few simple steps, the Edinburgh can be mounted in various shelf types as a single unit or in a continuous run of up to 10m in length.


Clyde’s unique ability to conform to a wide range of shapes makes it an ideal solution for any designer looking to overcome many of the constraints and challenges imposed by existing LED systems.

Integrated Optics

Design LED Products' patented integrated optical system delivers 90% efficiency directing light output where it’s needed and ensuring perfectly illuminated merchandise with minimal glare.

Ultra Thin

At just 2 and 6 mm thin, both Clyde and Edinburgh modules offer a radically different LED system making it virtually invisible. The slim shelf lighting solutions create new design opportunities and maximise merchandise space.

Integrated Solutions

Integration is at the heart of Design LED Products’ new shelf lighting solutions, offering light that adapts perfectly in to your application offering unlimited design potential and creative lighting concepts that defy convention.


Combining the unique product advantages of the shelf lighting modules with high efficient drivers and state-of-the-art smart controls Design LED Products offer complete application oriented product solutions.