Backlighting & Visual Merchandising

Backlighting for Shop Lighting & Architectural Lighting

Backlighting Kitchen 2

Grimsby Showroom            Credit: Sarah Anderson Whall Ltd

Curved counter

Swansea University
Credit: Black Circle Retail Design Ltd

LED Wall Panel

Innovation Suite
Credit: Honeywell International Inc


The flexible Backlighting product range delivers very high levels of efficiency and uniformity in a flexible super thin system. Only this system enables curved backlighting solutions creating a unique, thin design even in convex and concave forms.

We believe this portfolio represents the world’s first (and thinnest) double-sided, flexible backlighting system, delivered in two options, optimised for performance and cost. Following our strong heritage, these products are named after our beautiful Scottish Lochs. 

Ness is our high-density product, named after a very famous loch which is vast, mysterious and legendary for what lies within its depths. 

The succeeding model called Ness Outdoor offers protection against water and dust making it adaptable to any outdoor and indoor applications.

Morar is named after Scotland's deepest loch, which is famed for its fabulous blue water and white sandy beaches. It's a cost and performance optimised backlighting solution for indoors and outdoors.

Lomond, our low-density product, is suitably named after this internationally recognisable loch, which although slightly less deep than Loch Morar is famed for its beauty and crystal clear waters. 

These products enable fascinating new opportunities to increase sales and profitability in a fiercely competitive industry sector.